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Shri Ram Mill Board

Ceramic Fiber Twisted Rope

Ceramic Fiber Twisted Rope is a three-ply rope manufactured from Shree Ceramic long fibers. It contains 15-20% organic carrier fiber to facilitate the carding process. Ceramic Fiber Braided Rope is a dense resilient high temperature refractory with excellent thermal properties, chemical stability and high mechanical strength.

Features :

  • High temperature stability
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Low heat storage
  • Low weight
  • Good chemical stability.

Specifications :

  • Maximum Temperature : 1260oC
  • Continuous Working Temperature : 800oC
  • Melting Point : 1750oC
  • Electrical Conductivity : Non-Conductive
  • Thermal Conductivity : 0.18W/moK at 1000oC

Applications : Superior replacement to Asbestos packing, static/door seals in boilers, stoves, ovens, reformers, chemical/glass/coke furnaces, kiln cars seals, expansion joints in buildings & industries.